Making food a source of pleasure and wellbeing.

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Staying Close

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We believe food in our over 55 communities should be a pleasure, a daily treat. A focal point in the day that brings people together.

We provide great variety and choice in our menus to sustain the enthusiasm of customers for our service. We stay close to them, discuss their tastes and new dishes and styles of food they might want to try. For us our menu development is a creative collaboration with customers. Not a matter for us to decide, but an exercise in our customers taking ownership in our service.

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We are constantly developing our menus to explore cuisines from around the world, as well as popular traditional choices.

We also design and organise events with our customers built around food themes, which greatly add to the social life of the community. We use a range of proven techniques and concepts for this purpose developed with NAPA, for making dining a rewarding social activity.

We back up all of this with the best specialist expertise in nutrition and menu development in the catering industry.

Focus on

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We devote major resources to ongoing improvement in menu planning, nutrition, taste, flavour, hydration, food presentation and technology and aids for customers with higher needs.

We have a strong focus on making food matter to the health of customers with dementia, and work continually with our staff to equip them with the knowledge and service skills needed to support these customers in enjoying the right diet for their individual wellbeing.

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Elior has developed a training programme in partnership with Premier Foods, focused on Texture and Modified Foods to ensure we can bring best practice to bear when taking care of the dietary needs of customers with dysphagia. The programme provides chefs with the skills to make textured and modified food to consistent standards, and according to the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative.

It also vitally helps chefs to make texture modified food look appetising, so that we can give all our customers the experience of dining with dignity.

Wherever appropriate we work with home managers to make food a showcase service and real measure of the quality of care that residents and their families can expect. For many it is one of the deciding factors in the selection of a home.

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The respect we feel towards the people we help to look after is a touchstone in our business. We become deeply engaged in every home and development we work in and take great care to understand the needs, tastes and preferences of all residents.

We work to earn the trust and friendship of residents not just through professionalism but also through the genuine helpfulness and focus on the individual our people demonstrate. In this world of service the small things have great importance.

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Good Food
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We take great care to buy our food from the best producers and suppliers. Suppliers undergo a vetting process which is designed to ensure high standards of quality, health and safety and food safety are met.

We are committed to sourcing food regionally and locally wherever possible and we give preference to fresh ingredients in season. Both measures enable us to make the most of British food and also minimise the energy used in its production, transport and refrigeration.