Committed to being a trusted partner for care providers.

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All - round gains

The intense pressure under which care professionals and housing associations now work, makes the choice of catering service providers important both in private and publicly funded operations.

Caterplus can be trusted as a partner for the long term in this vital area. Trusted for the dedication and experience we bring and for the opportunities for innovation we create to help clients develop service solutions that improve the quality of life for residents. And improve commercial viability.
So that everybody gains.

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Putting food
at the centre of

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We have a simple clear cut goal in all the different communities we serve. And that is to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of our customers with our food and service. Food is the heart of what we do. Delicious, healthy, food made freshly on site.

Our menus are designed to appeal to traditional tastes and to customers who enjoy more adventurous cuisine, or have specific dietary needs. We take care to match our menus to the individual site and the people who live there.

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of service

But with great food must come great service. Warm, professional service, expertly managed to ensure that it is right for individual needs and expectations. At Caterplus outstanding food and outstanding service go hand in glove.

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Training is vital to quality arrow leftof care

Caterplus colleagues benefit from Elior’s award winning resources in training. The Elior Academy is one of the most advanced training centres in the UK catering and hospitality industry.

From the Academy our people working in the Care sector receive continual learning and development designed to give them outstanding professional skills for life and ensure that our customers are looked after in a safe environment that will bring them comfort and enhance their wellbeing.

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A gentle

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Elior’s award winning eXperience learning programme has been adapted to meet the special requirements of the Care sector using advanced training methods that enable our staff to experience for themselves and understand better the physical and mental challenges that can be caused by ageing. And to learn the techniques that will make food enjoyable and healthy for customers who need special help.

Learning how to help a customer whose sight is limited, or hearing, or whose movement is restricted is vital. A gentle hand on the shoulder, knowing where to stand to be seen better, tone of voice, knowing the individual customer and their needs all means so much in this field of service.

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We believe food in our over 55 communities should be a pleasure, a daily treat. A heart-warming experience. Good for the soul and good for our health. Presented in friendship and with care. A focal point in the day that brings people together. A community hub.