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We ensure that by delivering appealing, healthy menus and warmth of service we create a central social hub that is welcoming for all.
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We ensure that food services within independent living developments are a key part of the quality of life for home owners and residents.

Often the standard of these services will be a key factor in the selection of a particular location.

We provide services to cover a wide spectrum of customer tastes and needs in these locations. From fully independent and active owners and residents, to frailer people who require specialist catering services.

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High StreetSavvy

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For residents who want the experience of the best in food as part of their environment we serve simply great food supported by innovation and concepts proven in the most discerning quality and value- led High Street consumer markets.

In our current portfolio of communities, we operate restaurants, bistros, bars and coffee shops as a vibrant part of the community.

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Individually designed services

For residents for whom food is a key part of their health management we draw on our extensive experience in the care homes sector to provide individually designed services.