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We take great care to offer residents the best, most suitable menus to match their individual tastes and dietary needs.
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We know which food each of our residents enjoys most and which food will be good for their health. We know this because our chefs and service staff focus on customers as individuals. We are dedicated to understanding their particular requirements and support our teams on site at every home with our own professional dietitians. We strive to earn the trust and friendship of residents by showing respect and warmth and paying attention to their personal preferences.

All our food is freshly prepared on site using local and regional suppliers wherever possible. All our staff are trained to the highest standards in Care food services and their skills are continually developed as part of Elior’s commitment to be the best company to work for in the catering industry.

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There to make a positive

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We never forget we work in the home of our residents – their world - and we’re acutely aware of the responsibility this role carries.

We’re there to make a positive difference. To help them enjoy life more with our food and our approach to service.

We bring the specialist expertise needed to combine the pleasure of great food with nutritional benefit. For many residents and their families, the quality of our menus and the presentation and service of food is an important reason for selecting a home.

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Through our partnership with NAPA we know that the wellbeing of residents is enhanced when they visit the dining room to eat and socialise. We actively encourage this with a range of proven techniques developed with NAPA.

We also take care to help residents enjoy meals with dignity and independence and provide visual aids to help them easily see and choose their menu options. And we have sensory aids that can be used to stimulate appetite with attractive food aromas.

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We provide a management solution to home owners that reduces their financial and legislative burden. We bring a high standard of operational management skills and disciplines to comply with all relevant nutritional standards.

We give expert guidance with regulation, such as the Care Quality Commission, “Outcome 5 – Meeting Nutritional needs”. And we bring Industry leading food quality and health and safety procedures that are constantly refreshed to all our contracts.

Nothing is left to chance in the vital area of recipe management, nutrition and allergen management system. The detail of all recipes are stored on our Star Chef software application which is used for nutritional analysis and monitoring the allergen content of menus by our dietitians.

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Elior’s Provision Plan, is an innovative programme designed to meet special dietary needs, such as dysphagia and undernutrition in dementia.

And our Foodbox concept, which is endorsed by professional bodies as being unique and innovative, and accredited by Age UK, is designed to provide 24-hour nutritional support to those with varying stages of dementia.